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GE - phoenix|x-ray

GE - phoenix|x-ray overview

phoenix|x-ray is the product line of GE Measurement & Control Solutions for micro- and nanofocus 2D industrial X-ray inspection as well as industrial computed tomography (micro CT and nano CT), 3D failure analysis, 3D metrology and inline CT.

The product lines headquarters, including production, research and development, are located in Wunstorf, near the town of Hanover in Germany. Additional customer service centers are located all over the world. As center of excellence for computed tomography, microelectronic and materials science applications, phoenix|x-ray is part of GE Measurement & Control Solutions.

High-resolution X-ray inspection has become a widely used tool for non-destructive failure analysis and process control in a variety of industrial and scientific fields, because electronic components are becoming increasingly miniature and even more complex.

Only highest-resolution X-ray technology provides the means necessary to inspect such components.

Typical inspection tasks includes:

  • Automated solder joint inspection
  • Inspection of bond wires and bonding areas
  • Void analysis of conductive and non-conductive die bonds
  • Analysis of discrete components such as capacitors and inductors