Solutions de vérification automatiques

MDA, ICT, Functional, AOI, X-ray, PCI, VXI ,PXI, LXI, Interfacing, Fixturing, Programmer

Enregistreurs de données & Capteurs

Centrale d'acquisition autonome, télémétrie, l’industrie, Scada , capteur sans fil, stations météorologiques et des enviorement

Synchronisation & Performance Réseau

PTP/ NTP/ IEEE1588 , Monitoring, Sécurité, Enrégistrement de données, Test

Equipment de Test & Measure

RF/uWave, Mobile Comm., Avionics, Optical, Safety, Telcom/Datacom, Gen. Purpose


For several decades now modus has been operating as a pioneering force in the AOI sector. Our objective is 

to develop fast scanner systems for industrial use. Modus develops, produces and sells automatic test and
inspection systems (AOI) for production control of volume manufacturing.

The increasing miniaturization of electronic devices plus the escalating demands towards quality control and
cost effectiveness makes it necessary to have test control units, which are fast, reliable and easy to set up.