Solutions de vérification automatiques

MDA, ICT, Functional, AOI, X-ray, PCI, VXI ,PXI, LXI, Interfacing, Fixturing, Programmer

Enregistreurs de données & Capteurs

Centrale d'acquisition autonome, télémétrie, l’industrie, Scada , capteur sans fil, stations météorologiques et des enviorement

Synchronisation & Performance Réseau

PTP/ NTP/ IEEE1588 , Monitoring, Sécurité, Enrégistrement de données, Test

Equipment de Test & Measure

RF/uWave, Mobile Comm., Avionics, Optical, Safety, Telcom/Datacom, Gen. Purpose


Wickon Hightech is a Europe-wide active Organization and supports companies with products and services in the optimization and securing of manufacturing processes of Printed Circuit Borads in the electronic industry.

More and more enterprises us our system approaches than relevant process optimizition of the protection and increase of your competitive ability. Because each expiration, each process, which can be automated or optimized, provides more efficency and brings cost advantages for your company.

The demand, which are made thereby against optical inspection systems, are just various as those the electronics manufacturer and EMS supplier in their respective industries and achievement portfolios themselves - of "economically, speed" to "individual, all taking off and innovative".

We recognize that: with a solution portfolio and an extensive expertise in the system development, cosnulting, system adaption, implementation, support and service. With "finding" the best solution for your business, we have a clear strategy - not everthing for everyone, but for everyone the best fit. Benefit from a wide variety of solutions that have Off-line systems for Lean-Concept or In-line systems to stabilize and secure your processes to customer-specific solutions.

Field-proven and predictable solutions, partnership, reliability and mutual trust. Discussions always take place on eye level. That makes the decision ways short and co-operation efficient. So we find together the right way to help you achieve your business objectives.