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MDA, ICT, Functioneel, AOI, X-ray, PCI, VXI ,PXI, LXI, Interfacing, Fixturing, Programmering

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Stand alone, Telemetrie, Industrieel, Scada, Draadloze sensoren, Milieu & Meteo systemen

Synchronisatie & Network performance

PTP/ NTP/ IEEE1588 , Monitoring, Security, Recording, Test

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Savvius, The Leading Network Monitoring & Security Company
Savvius, Inc. (formerly WildPackets), a leader in packet-level network analytics and security forensics, enables network and security professionals to identify, understand, and respond to challenges in network performance and security.

Savvius products are sold in over 60 countries and deployed in all industrial sectors. Customers include Boeing, Chrysler, Fidelity, Motorola, Nationwide, and over 80 percent of the Fortune 1000. Savvius is a Cisco Technical Development Partner (CTDP).

What are some of Savvius key products?

Key products include:

  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • VoIP Monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis
  • WiFi Monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis
  • Security detection

What is our market overview?

In every industry, real-time network monitoring and rapid troubleshooting have become mission-critical. Network disruptions are now business disruptions, with financial and sometimes even legal consequences. According to Infonetics, the costs of network downtime and degradation range from $1,500/hour to $97,000/hour.

Simply put, network outages have become unaffordable.

Savvius provides the most flexible network troubleshooting application available. Whether viewing network activity from application usage, protocol distribution, node activity or the packets themselves, or leveraging built-in Expert network analysis, WatchPoint and the OmniPeek Distributed Analysis Suite enable network engineers to analyze root cause failures more quickly and more effectively than any other product.
IT departments are working full-time to manage data centers, provision new applications, and respond to help desk requests. More than ever, network engineers need solutions that let them troubleshoot problems wherever they're occurring on the network, quickly and efficiently, so that business operations and other essential IT operations are not disrupted.

Savvius provides a full range of products and services suitable for distributed network analysis for any company, from a single location to a worldwide operation. Distributed Omnipliance network recorders collect and monitor network traffic 24x7 without impacting network usage.
Data is available for real-time analysis and alerting, and for post-capture "forensic" searches that pinpoint specific network faults or issues.
With integrated reconstruction of common applications, including browsing, email, IM and VoIP Savvius offers the only solution that spans network monitoring, network troubleshooting, network planning, and regulatory compliance.